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Email Marketing – A Strong Foundation Makes All the Difference

January 16th, 2021

1. Understanding email marketing
2. Different types of email marketing
3. Major issues related to spam
4. How to utilize email marketing for specific businesses

Understanding Email marketing

The ubiquitous email still survives. Research shows that checking email inboxes is one of the most common activities that we do online, even today. Email was and still is one of the most popular means of personalized conversation tools on the internet. Today with social media making waves, everything is watched, read and talked about. Hence the significance of email to deliver a personal message becomes much more powerful. The reach and power of the email was never doubted even with social media making such a huge impact.
Since some time now, online marketing has become very popular. Email marketing is an integral part of the entire process. Many huge corporations and also small vendors today make use of email marketing as a means of directly reaching their message to prospective clients.

Advantages of emails:

Include content as required, can be words, pictures, videos anything we can imagine, making it highly personalized.
Deliverability is easier, safe and stays within reasonable limits.
No limits to amount of emails that can be sent.
The reader can choose to read or discard solely on his own terms.
What started off as a simple mechanism to send personalized messages over the internet email has turned into something which is used for a lot more than that. It has become a marketing tool, a networking option and a means of getting the word around. Email marketing is a force to reckon with. It has various benefits which can be utilized as per need. The high level of personalization along with the various types that the simple email can morph into has made it a very versatile tool. This is one the main reasons why it has not died down at all.

Email marketing is a concept which is business worthy, strong and gives amazing results when used according to plan. Many huge corporations and businesses have relied on email marketing as a tool to market their products, stay in touch with their customers and increase customer involvement. The versatility of the email has enabled businesses to modify it according to their needs. Email marketing has caught on in a big way and with businesses looking for profitable options to traditional marketing tools, email marketing in one of the biggest choices.
Different types of email marketing

Emails sent as email marketing is broadly classified as promotional emails or advertising emails and information emails.

• Promotional mails include advertisement mails, newsletters which also promote the brand, offer mails and so on.
• Information mails also include newsletters which are precise and give only information, transactional emails, and direct emails and so on.

Email marketers use these types of emails to their advantage. Since there are so many different types, it makes it very easy to adapt a simple email to your specific needs and ends. It is up to the marketers to vary the emails according to the requirements and take advantage of it.

Promotional emails:

These are used traditionally to approach clients. It is one of the first steps to advertising through emails.

An email marketer basically uses an email to promote his brand or product. It is a simple straight forward process. Advertising emails can range from simple brochures to detailed product descriptions with videos and animation. When email marketing kicked off marketers used it to its full potential. The amount of content kept increasing with time. Introduction of links, animation, and video happened in quick progression.

All these developments were happening because of the feedback that they were receiving from the clients. The market was responding in a very positive manner. The customer had the freedom to read what he wants and when he wants. This made perfect sense to him. He could also get back to the marketer if he had any requests. He could also make use of the links provided according to his convenience. This was a very beneficial feature. The customer could do all the research that he needed, all the marketer had to do was point him in the right direction.

Pointing a client in the right direction was of paramount importance. Email templates are available on the internet which helps the marketer to get the right message across.
Designing a good email for advertising

Some of the main features of a typical promotional email are as follows:

Market or audience
We need to keep a few pointers in mind while designing a good promotional email. The dangers of spam have to be suitably addressed. To ensure this happens sticking to certain guidelines is beneficial. Getting blacklisted is a definite no no. sending out bulk emails is also not a very popular thing to do now. Segmentation and understanding the customers need makes an email marketers work much easier. Narrowing down your list and ensuring that you do not send out mails which reach inboxes completely disconnected from your specific demographic.

Hence a little bit of research is required while going about building a mailing list. Contact lists are found aplenty over the internet. There are various websites dedicated to the task of collecting genuine and hard data. They even have search engines which help us in narrowing down the criteria to a thin line. All these are benefits that we should use. To this mailing list also include addresses which we have ourselves collected. This makes sense as we will have inputs of our own.